Handmade in Austria

Made from carefully selected high-quality materials Jill water pipes and vaporizers are 100% handcrafted. Duran glass, of various strengths, is used for the robust and stable basis of all pipes.

Our technical know-how gathered through years of experience and a love of craftmanship guarantee professional workmanship and composition of your bong and a first-class smoking experience.

individual glass bongs

In the Jill online shop or in the bong configurator, you can choose from various basic forms for water pipes and vaporizers. You may select from colorless and undecorated options and 14 colors for designing the elements. For the water pipe, you can make your selection from the different styles of stems and the connection to the base, the color of the mouthpiece, the chillum elements and the kick hole in addition to choosing extras like notches for ice. In addition, we can also create individualized forms according to your wishes. Send us your own personal idea!

Free Shipping / Neutral Packaging

For purchases exceeding 100 euros there is no charge for shipping within the EU. There are shipping charges for wares sent to other countries: see our Terms of Delivery and Shipping. We ship our packages anonymously and with neutral designs.

Handcrafted Quality

We always try to produce flawless products. However, should the product you have been shipped not meet up with the specifications made when ordered or if the production of the pipe exhibits flaws, we would request you to send us a description of the problem with photos on support@jill-pipes.com.

Repair Service

Duran glass exhibits maximal stability, but it is glass and can break. Many of these accidents can be repaired. We are willing to take broken bongs and accessories back and repair them. It is best if you contact us and send us photos and a description of the problem!

It is best if you contact us including photos and a description of what happened!