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What are bongs / water pipes and vaporizers and how do they work?

A bong is a water pipe, an implement that is used for smoking tabacco and other substances.  It originates from Thailand and Indonesia, and is also used in New Guinea and the Philippines where it is traditionally made of bamboo.  Glass bongs have the advantage not taking on cold smoke if they are regularly cleaned and therefore last a long time (as long as the glass doesn't break).
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A vaporizer (lit. evaporator) is an implement that is used to evaporate substances.  In contrast to inhalators, the substance is directly evaporated instead of evaporating a solution – and, in contrast to bongs, in an additional step the substance is only heated to the degree so that the intended components evaporate – combustion (oxidation) does not take place and no unintended by-products occur.
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How does the glass-blowing work?

Glass-blowing is a craftmanship with several thousand years of tradition.  The earliest relics from glass blowers were found in the Jewish Quarter in the Old Center of Jerusalem.  The art and technique of blowing glass was developed by the Phoenicians about 50 B.C. along the Syrian-Palestinian coast.

The glass blower works "at a lamp", at an open torch and crafts useful and artistic decorative products.  Blowing glass in front of a lamp or a torch received its name from an oil lamp with a bellows; this was used to heat glass rods and form them after the glass had been heated.

Glass pipes are heated and by blowing into them through the open end, they are inflated and then closed on one end through a melting process, e.g. in order to make a bottle.  This is considered a rudimentary form of glass-blown pipes, as artifacts dating back 2000 year were created in this way.  Thus, this technique not only offers evidence of the first attempts of glass craftsmen as glass-blowers, it was also a revolutionary step that changed the theory and led to a new understanding of glass.  All the other traditional methods of glass making, like pouring and the use of molds, thus, receded into the background.

The oil lamp has long been replaced by a gas torch, powered by natural gas and oxygen and allows for temperatures of up to 2500 degrees Celsius.  The controlled use of natural gas and oxygen not only let one vary the temperature, this also influences the flame, producing an oxidizing or reduction effect, resulting in turn in different chemical reactions with materials used creating a variety of surfaces.  Colored glass can be melted onto the surface opening up a wide variety of different possibilities.  The reaction of different kinds of glass and chemical substances in the torch are mastered only after years of experience; often it takes many trial runs with a different mix of components before the intended result is achieved.

Exactly what can be individualised with the pipes?

In the Jill online shop or in the bong configurator, you can choose from various basic forms for water pipes and vaporizers.  You may select from colorless and undecorated options and 14 colors for designing the elements.  For the water pipe, you can make your selection from the different styles of stems and the connection to the base, the color of the mouthpiece, the chillum elements and the kick hole in addition to choosing extras like notches for ice.  In addition, we can also create individualized forms according to your wishes.  Send us your own personal idea!

How long does it take for me to get my glass pipe?

There are several steps to making a glass pipe requiring exact craftmanship.  We do our best to keep all necessary materials in stock at all times in order to be able to produce your glass pipe or other accessories as quickly and as precisely as possible.  The production in our shop generally takes two to three weeks.  After the pipe is finished and has undergone a quality control screening, the produce is shipped and you are informed per email.  Shipping takes 2-4 working days within Europe, depending on the address.

May I exchange my glass pipe if I don't like it? (information on return policy)

Every glass pipe is made to order specially for you and is not common stock but a contract order.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to return or exchange wares as each product is a unique contracted piece made according to customer specifications and clearly created for your personal needs.  Returning an item, backing out of a contract or cancelling a custom-made order is not possible.  However, if the product doesn't meet your expectations, please contact us.  Send us an email and we will contact you.

What do I do if the product I ordered doesn't meet my expectations?

We always try to produce flawless products.  However, should the product you have been shipped not meet up with the specifications made when ordered or if the production of the pipe exhibits flaws,  we would request you to send us a description of the problem with photos on support@jill-pipes.com.

What can I do if my glass pipe or accessories break?

Duran glass exhibits maximal stability, but it is glass and can break.  Many of these accidents can be repaired. We are willing to take  broken bongs and accessories back and repair them.  It is best if you contact us and send us photos and a description of the problem!

How do I care for my water pipe?

n order to keep your Jill clean and in form, we recommend regular cleaning after each use of the pipe(s).  You can clean Jill glass pipes and accessories in a dishwasher.  In addition, it is often necessary to clean the residues with a special detergent and a brush.  Both can be ordered in our online shop:  see Accessories.

I have a technical problem / can't login / forgot my password ...

If you should experience problems or if you have forgotten your password, send us an email at support@jill-pipes.com.  We will help you as soon as possible.