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Jill Glas Bongs

Smoking is and always will be a cultural asset – it is a conscious act of enjoyment and celebration for one's well-being.  Jill glass pipes, highly-crafted implements made for this purpose, meet top-level functional expectations.  Striving to reach high artistic standards with a passion, we have, for centuries, focussed on the 2000-year-old handicraft of blowing glass and the professional production of glass pipes in our glass-blowing shop in Linz (Upper Austria).


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In addition to being functional, a bong is also a designer object and a very personal possession. In our online shop you have the opportunity to choose from the basic glass pipe forms; you may also integrate, compose and adapt all the parts and extras with regard to form, color and decoration according to your personal desires. Use the bong configurator to design your own personalized glass pipe.

Use the bong configurator to design your own personalized glass pipe.

Bong Configurator

Handmade in Austria

Made from carefully selected high-quality materials Jill water pipes and vaporizers are 100% handcrafted. Duran glass, of various strengths, is used for the robust and stable basis of all pipes.

Our technical know-how gathered through years of experience and a love of craftmanship guarantee professional workmanship and composition of your bong and a first-class smoking experience.

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Jill Vaporizer

Implements used to vaporize substances are becoming more popular. With the Jill vaporizer, in contrast to classic bongs, only the components of a substance that are released when heated over steam are inhaled. In actual application, the substance is only heated to a degree that allows for the evaporation of the intended components – combustion (oxidation) does not take place so no undesired by-products are formed – toxicants adé!